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Bavarian Custom Irons Antichrist - Rustic Black

Product SKU: OJ-BV04L

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The machine for the committed Antichrist! Extremely provocative design, in conjunction with the rustic black iron finishing, an eye-catcher in every studio. Of course, this machine is not only attractive but also appeals with its robust operation and compact design. 

Each machine may have slight aesthetic variations to the one pictured. All Bavarian Custom Irons' machines are built by hand.

Color: Rustic Black

  • Weight: 7oz (220g)
  • Solid handmade steel frame, no casting!
  • German quality steel, brazed
  • Hand wound coils, high ferrous content coil core
  • All parts of the machine produced by our company
  • Laser-cut spring plates from high quality spring steel, for optimum running characteristics

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