Blue Gel Anesthetic (1oz)

Blue Gel Anesthetic (1oz)

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New and Improved Blue Gel topical anesthetic ointment is effective in soothing pain and irritation. Formulated to reduce swelling during procedures, Blue Gel is a powerful numbing solution that is safe for use on all types of broken skin procedures, including tattoos and permanent cosmetics. Contains 4% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine.

Not meant to be used as a pre-procedural deadener or numbing solution. Ineffective when applied to intact skin. Blue Gel is to be used only where the skin is broken, and will keep the skin anesthetized and constricted for up to two hours. Do not reapply this product after first coat.

Bottle Size: 1oz (30g)

  • Ingredients: Lidocaine HCI 5% (Topical Anesthetic), Tetracaine HCI 1% (Topical Anesthetic), Epinephrine 0.1% (Vasoconstrictor)
  • Designed for use during or after tattoos, piercings, and permanent cosmetic procedures
  • Keeps skin numb for up to 2 hours
  • Reduces pain, irritation, swelling, bruising, and bleeding
  • Use as directed
  • For professional use only

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