Horiyoshi III Custom Artwork Coil Machine - Style J

Horiyoshi III Custom Artwork Coil Machine - Style J

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Handmade and engraved by the legendary Japanese tattoo master, Horiyoshi III. Featuring a custom art piece etched by Horiyoshi III, with his genuine signature for authenticity, this machine was built to not only function as an outstanding coil tattoo machine but also as an incredible piece of art that exhibits the essence of traditional Japanese tattooing.

Because this machine has a custom design carved onto the frame, this coil machine is limited as a one of one production piece.  There is no piece similar to it in the world.

Limited Edition 1 of 1 | Exclusive to CAM Supply Only

  • Voltage: 4 - 8V (Optimal at 5 - 6V)
  • High performance 8 wrap coils
  • Handmade in Japan
  • Custom built glossy two-tone reflective frame
  • Brass contact screw
  • Runs extremely fast and smooth
  • One of a kind hand-etched artwork by Horiyoshi III
  • Engraved with Master Horiyoshi III's signature

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