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Ryuki Mysterious Dragons by Horiyoshi III

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250 Magnificent Illustrations By Horiyoshi III.

The great Horiyoshi III Nakano Yoshihito has no need of an introduction: for over forty years now he has been tattooing, painting and drawing and is renowned the world over for his incredible and versatile talent. In Ryuki Mysterious Dragons, some of the best works and sketches by Horiyoshi III are compiled, creating a one of a kind masterpiece collection that not only represents a piece of tattoo history, art, and culture but also embodies the soul essence of traditional Japanese tattooing.

Limited Production.

From the publishers at Tattoo Life Magazine:

The sinuous body and enigmatic gaze of the Japanese dragon is revealed in the pages of this sumptuous book in over 250 illustrations, published for the first time and rendered in Indian ink by the great master Horiyoshi III. Look for them flashing through the waters, perched on clouds, coiled about warriors or tigers, or drowsing lazily at the side of melancholy princesses. The Master of Irezumi has recreated an entire universe inspired by the symbols, myths and ancient traditions of Japanese culture and these come to life once more thanks to his unmistakeable and masterful interpretation.