TATWAX FILM Transparent Aftercare Wrap (6

TATWAX FILM Transparent Aftercare Wrap (6" x 5.5yds)

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TATWAX FILM is a professional protective cover that prevents skin damage from friction and promotes proper healing of tattoos.

  • WATERPROOF, ANTIBACTERIAL-BARRIER that blocks pathogens and external contaminants from entering the wound.
  • BREATHABLE material that enables oxygen flow for faster healing and eliminates excess moisture vapor released from the wound.
  • DURABLE & FLEXIBLE, allowing it to be stretched and applied anywhere on the body while also staying put for several days.
  • 6" width for protecting and healing multiple pieces of various sizes.

Pull an appropriate amount of tape out of the box. Cut the tape, leaving about 1” of tape exposed. The 1st piece should remain on for 8-24 hours, recommended. It is normal for minimal amounts of blood and fluids to collect under the film as the wound heals. However, the film is designed to collect and trap any moisture vapor from re-entering the wound. The 2nd piece should remain on for several days afterwards (up to 5 days).

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