Amazing Colors

Amazing Colors is a trailblazer in an ever-expanding industry. Using innovative techniques and an avant-garde approach to formulating the finest colors and pigments, Amazing Colors' inks are developed by tattoo artists in their quest to perfect and offer the best tattoo inks possible for the world of professional tattooing. After years of research and countless trials, Amazing Colors tattoo ink formulas aim at creating a shiny, rapid-flowing ink which gives the superior results in terms of brightness.
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Super Rich Black - Amazing Colors (8oz.)
Product SKU: Ink-A99
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Amazing Black - Amazing Colors (8oz.)
Product SKU: Ink-A98
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Lining Black - Amazing Colors (1oz.)
Product SKU: Ink-A51
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Gray Wash Set (3 Bottle Set) - Amazing Colors (4oz.)
Product SKU: Ink-AGWS
Regular price $48.00
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