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CAM Supply Inc. - The Global Tattoo Supplier Since 1993

For over two decades, CAM Supply Inc. has always been a groundbreaker in an ever-expanding industry. Since the beginning, we've made it our priority to not only provide exceptional tattoo equipment supplies, and medical products but also outstanding service in delivering the best customer experience possible. Our unwavering passion has helped us solidify our brand and establish a reputation for uncompromising quality and true commitment to our customers. We understand that our products play an important role in the creative expression of our artists. But we also recognize that our products are essentially tools. Tools that allow the artists we work with to create masterpieces that ultimately impact their clients in a tremendous, artistic way. Our goal isn't to just develop and present artists with standard, ordinary products but to design tools that are reliable, efficient, and effective in every use. We make sure to focus our attention on the details and to never cut corners. Throughout our collection of brands and products, we have stood by our promise to offer products of unmatched quality, fitting the specific needs of our artists and making it easier for them to do what they do best.

The History and Milestones

All About CamSupply Journey
As one of the earliest, well-established suppliers in the tattoo industry, CAM Supply Inc. has already sufficiently spearheaded several advancements in tattooing. From the introduction of the medium and extra-long tapered needles and the creation of the first disposable tubes, CAM has remained focused on improving the tools our customers and artists use daily. The CAM Supply Superstore is our vision for the future. Our goals are not only to further enrich the customer experience but also provide the convenience and efficiency with us as your supplier. The CAM Supply Superstore is a full service, one-stop shop for all the essentials of every tattoo artist and tattoo studio. As an industry-leader, we expect nothing but the very best. With that said, our future is concentrated on constantly trying to improve on the technology and quality of our products, as well as the overall experience for our loyal customers, artists, and trusted supporters.

The Community

Throughout the history of our company, our determination and dedication for constant improvement and innovation of our products and service to our customers has elevated us to a whole new level. Throughout the years, we've built a community that we cherish. Our community has been our supporters and customers throughout the 3+ decades we've been in business, the loyal followers who've helped us perfect our customer experience as well as our trusted products; and lastly, the hard working dedicated team of representatives and staff we have across the world who make CAM run like a well-oiled machine.

Our Global Presence

The Global Tattoo Supplier: Manufacturer. Distributor. Wholesaler. Since 1993, CAM has expanded throughout the world, becoming a global presence in the tattoo supply industry. With our first international location established in Canada in 2002, we made sure to stick to the basics, focusing on our core values of providing top quality products and exceptional customer service. Soon after, CAM Supply expanded to China, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Columbia, and many other locations across the world. With our worldwide network of warehouses, offices, fulfillment centers and distributors, our goal of exceeding our artists' needs and expectations has never been better.

A Message from Our Owner

To Our Loyal Customers:

CAM Supply Inc. has undergone a remarkable evolution in the past several years as we've pursued our mission to design, manufacture, and offer tattoo artists around the world with the best tools and supplies at great prices. But one of the most profound changes over this time has been the richer understanding of—and deeper commitment to—Our Community.

The CAM Supply Culture has and always will be driven by its people: our team, our partners, our customers, and our supporters around the world. At CAM Supply, we strive for excellence not only in creating high-quality products but also in providing exceptional services to our customers that surpass their expectations. Integrity is a core element in who we are as a company. CAM Supply has always been committed to providing solutions to our customers, to offer these solutions without any tricks or nonsense, but instead by being straightforward and honest.

Since our start in 1993, CAM Supply has been one of the oldest manufacturers and distributors of tattoo supplies. In this incredible journey, there were hard times among all the good times. It’s all natural and part of the journey; but throughout it all, our community of loyal customers and advocates have always been at the center—our driving force that motivates us to push forward and excel. At CAM Supply, nothing is more important to us than listening to you, our loyal customers and supporters. We’ve taken your feedback and corrected ourselves. We take pride in developing quality products that you can rely on but even greater pride in creating a community we can count on. On behalf of the CAM Supply team and our partners, we thank you for choosing us to be your supplier as well as for all the support throughout the years.

Dennis Woo Sr.
Founder, CAM Supply Inc.

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