Verification of Professionalism Policy

CAM Supply has operated for over 30 years. One of the key components of our success is respecting those who have come before us - the ones who have learned and mastered the craft of tattooing. Since the start, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our products are sold to licensed professionals. In this way, we make sure there is a set standard in the industry and also a layer of protection to the art and culture of tattooing.

For each order, we take necessary steps to verify. All new customers must provide proof of professionalism to be able to set up an account and order products. All online orders are filtered and scanned by our team to verify this criteria.

To open a new account or update an existing account, please submit (all if possible) the accepted documents:

  • Business license from state, city, or county
  • Tattoo/body art license
  • Bloodborne pathogen certificates
  • Health department certificate
  • Apprenticeships: Require shop name, address, and contact info. 

Submit all accepted documents and information to 

For online orders, please include your order number (beginning with C-####) to help us reference you for faster verification and approval of your account. For all questions and concerns regarding the verification process and policy, please contact us directly at 888-238-0808. 

Once the proper documentation has been received by our team, your account should be approved and your order will ship out. If we do run into problems, we will contact you directly via telephone.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in helping us better serve the professional tattoo community and honor those who've paved the way for this industry.

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