Wholesale & OEM/ODM

With over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing and distributing high quality tattoo equipment, CAM Supply has created an efficient system that allows for affordable pricing and customization. Whether your a studio with a dozen artists or a developing brand looking to perfect the quality of your needles, we're here to help.

Wholesale & Bulk Orders

CAM Wholesale provides cheaper prices, which means higher margins and returns for you. Whether you're a shop looking to bulk order for multiple artists or a tattoo supply reseller, our wholesale program is the top solution for you. 

How does CAM Wholesale work?

Our wholesale program is customized for each individual customer. Every wholesale quote is tailored to the specific needs of your shop, studio, or business. For more information, please fill out the form below titled, "CAM Wholesale Application", and email it to: admin@camsupply.com

(All questions, concerns, and comments can be directed to the same email - admin@camsupply.com)



Customized Tattoo Products - Private Labeling/ODM Services

Being in the tattoo industry for 30+ years, we've developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, a reliable chain for sourcing raw materials, and a successful team of specialists and product developers. As a whole, CAM Supply is much more than a distributor and wholesaler of tattoo supplies. We've generated enough experience, capital, and resources to become our own manufacturer of most tattoo products. As a result, our private labeling and ODM services are an extension of our factory direct value. 

Products available for private labeling/ODM:

  • Pre-made on bar needles
  • Cartridge needles
  • Disposable tubes
  • Tattoo machines
  • Tattoo pens
  • Medical supplies/PPE
  • Studio equipment

If you or your business is interested in customized products, white labeling, re-packaging/redesign, please fill out the form below titled, "CAM Private Labeling Application", and email it to: admin@camsupply.com



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