Disposable Spunlace Dry Cloths/Wipes (100/Bag)

Disposable Spunlace Dry Cloths/Wipes (100/Bag)

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Soft and extremely absorbent, these cloth towels are dry wipes. Each cloth is made from spunlace material that consists of a combination of cellulose and cotton. These cloth wipes become soft to the touch when wet but also gritty enough to scrub out dirt and grime when dry.

Box Size: 100 pcs/bag

Sold by the Bag

  • Size: 23" x 11"
  • Durable design
  • Thicker fabric - 65gsm
  • Soft, highly absorbent dry washcloth
  • Suitable for a range of delicate to hard surface wiping
  • Made with spunlace
  • Strong when wet and very soft

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