Gorilla - Transparent Aftercare Adhesive Bandage - 8

Gorilla - Transparent Aftercare Adhesive Bandage - 8" x 11 Yards Roll (20cm x 10m) - Matte

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Proper protection to promote recovery. Designed to protect and ensure a smooth, clean and healthy recovery process for your tattoos. Gorilla Transparent Aftercare Bandage acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria, dirt, abrasions, and water. The adhesive bandage adheres to the skin, properly sealing off any water or foreign materials from entering the wound. With a matte-finish PU film layer,

Waterproof and breathable material to give your tattoos the necessary shield for maximum healing, Gorilla's Aftercare Bandage offers professional-grade protection while also allowing for optimal breathability that enables oxygen flow for faster healing and elimination of excess moisture vapor.

Ease and convenience. Each bandage features easy-to-cut and how to use guidelines. Simply peel and place in the affected area with 1-2-3 steps for application. Gorilla Aftercare Bandages are also latex-free

  • Waterproof, anti-bacterial barrier that blocks pathogens and external contaminants from entering the wound.
  • Breathable material that enables oxygen flow for faster healing and eliminates excess moisture vapor released from the wound.
  • Durable and flexible design, allowing it to be stretched and applied anywhere on the body while also staying put for several days.

Size: 8" x 11 yards roll

Each roll comes with a velcro strap for easy storage and transportation.

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