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Legend Premium Plus Cartridges - Bugpin Magnum (#8 / 0.25mm)

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Designed and manufactured by Legend Rotary, the Next Gen Premium Plus Cartridge Needles offer a softer touch, smoother ink flow, and overall - a superior design.

Why Legend Premium Plus?

Recapturing the Feel of the Premade Needle

Precise needle point and flawless soldering; redesigned construction to replicate the contact touch and affect of traditional on-bar needles.

Innovative Tip Design

In redesigning their cartridge needles, Legend focused on creating the most optimal structure for its cartridge tips. With an elliptic, angular tip design, the new Premium Plus Cartridges offer greater control and precision at skin impact, while also helping retain more ink.

Crafted Hollow Membrane

The freshly redesigned Premium Plus cartridges contain a crafted hollow membrane, replacing the original stiffer membrane of the older generation LC-type cartridges. With a perfect rebound tension, this new adjustment allows the needle to guide more smoothly and effortlessly than previous models.

Ridged Internal Buckle System

The Legend Premium Plus Cartridges are constructed with an intrinsic grooved mold that solidly pins the needle and membrane to the cartridge shell, enhancing its stability as well as its prevention of ink spitback.


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