Legend Premium Cartridges - Standard Variety Pack - 10/Box

Legend Premium Cartridges - Standard Variety Pack - 10/Box


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Standard Variety Pack - Comes with 10 needles in our best-selling sizes. 

Each Standard Variety Pack Includes:

  • 3 Round Liner
  • 5 Round Liner
  • 7 Bugpin Round Liner
  • 9 Round Liner
  • 14 Round Liner
  • 9 Bugpin Curved Magnum
  • 15 Curved Magnum
  • 7 Round Shader
  • 11 Round Shader
  • 9 Magnum

Featuring a slim, sleek profile, the Legend Premium Cartridge Needles offer the precision, safety, and reliability. Each needle is designed with a full safety membrane to prevent ink backflow and perfect tension to perform exceptionally for lining, shading, and color packing.

Legend Premium Cartridges are made with the highest quality of imported Japanese surgical stainless steel, providing a strong, sharp needle point that easily penetrates the skin and reduces trauma.

Crafted with a square internal plastic stabilizing bar, you can rest assured that each needle is stable and on track, allowing you to pull consistent lines and smooth shading every time. 100% sterilized and packaged in individual blister packs.

  • Thin, Sleek Profile Design
  • Medical-grade Plastic
  • Premium Japanese Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Full Safety Membrane
  • Enhanced Tip Design for Better Visibility
  • Improved Vent Hole for Greater Ink Flow
  • Innovative Tip Design and Features to Increase Ink Retention (No spitback or splatters)
  • EO Gas Sterilization
  • Individually Blister Packaged
  • Compatible with Most Tattoo Pens and Cartridge Grip Type Machines
  • 10 Cartridges/Box

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