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Meeting the Master(s) - Horiyoshi III

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“Meeting the Master(s)” by Zozios is a unique photographic book published that features Master Horiyoshi III and all the exceptional people who have met or crossed paths with him on their journeys through tattoo art.

Over 100 amazing photos in black and grey, describing the living legends of the history of tattooing.

Portrayed are some of the prominent tattooists, enthusiasts, and industry influencers who have crossed paths with Master Horiyoshi III during the course of their careers. Together with his closest friends, like the great master Hatsumi Masaaki (the founder of the martial art Bujinkan)Alex Atala, who is one of the best chefs in the world, Dennis Woo (the founder of the earliest tattoo suppliers), and many others...for a total of 49 people in all.

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