SF Premier Cartridges - Bugpin Round Liners (20/Box)

SF Premier Cartridges - Bugpin Round Liners (20/Box)

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SF Premier Cartridges - Bugpin Round Liners (20/Box) 3 Bugpin Round Liner (20/Box) SFB3RL
SF Premier Cartridges - Bugpin Round Liners (20/Box) 5 Bugpin Round Liner (20/Box) SFB5RL
SF Premier Cartridges - Bugpin Round Liners (20/Box) 7 Bugpin Round Liner (20/Box) SFB7RL
SF Premier Cartridges - Bugpin Round Liners (20/Box) 9 Bugpin Round Liner (20/Box) SFB9RL

SF Premier Cartridges by Legend is a Silverfox X Legend Rotary collaboration. Featuring an upgraded shell casing with a brownish-gold tint and an enhanced membrane for perfect rebound tension, this new and improved needle cartridge offers premium quality at a fraction of the price when compared to competitors. Designed and produced by the same manufacturer as the iconic Legend Premium PLUS Cartridges, the SF Premier Cartridges not only replicate the contact touch of traditional on-bar needles but also ensures a precise needle point, flawless soldering, and smoother ink flow. Constructed of a singular piece build, these cartridges offer durability as well as a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing design.

Expiring: 01/31/2027


Silverfox X Legend Rotary Collaboration

With the excellence of Legend's needle manufacturing and quality, combined with the look, feel, and cost-friendly price point of Silverfox Original needles, the SF Premier Cartridges are the best of both worlds. A collaboration made for the all-around artist who's looking for a needle that's not only efficient and reliable but also one that doesn't break the bank.

Singular Outer Shell Design

In redesigning the Original Silverfox cartridge needles, the idea of maintaining the singular, one-piece outer shell design was critical to the overall aesthetic and durability of the SF Premier Cartridges. While keeping the same look as the Original's, the SF Premier Cartridges offer a comfortable feel with a minimalistic, sleek appearance, sporting a subtle brownish-gold tint.

Upgraded Soft Membrane

By partnering with Legend Rotary, the revamped SF Premier Cartridges feature a new and improved membrane that's comparable to the soft, membrane of the Legend Cartridges. While offering the perfect amount of tension, the SF Premiers are not only smooth but also durable, with the membrane designed to be twice as strong as the Legend Premium PLUS Cartridges.

Design that Makes Sense

Backed by over 20 years in needle manufacturing experience, the renowned techniques of Legend Rotary and Silverfox Cartridges have harmoniously blended by producing one of our top rated cartridges yet.

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