Tattoo Artist Bundle - Standard Coil Machine Package

Tattoo Artist Bundle - Standard Coil Machine Package


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A great, affordable package deal for both tattoo apprentices and experienced artists.

Go back to the basics of a practical heavy-duty coil machine and power supply setup. With an added bonus of a standard aluminum cartridge grip and a variety of cartridge needles, tattoo with the power and punch of a traditional coil machine while also having the ease and convenience of using cartridges. 

Retail Price: $140

Bundle Price: $50

Package Includes
  • Economic Coil Machine (style/color may vary)
  • Super Nano Power Supply
  • 1.25" Standard Aluminum Cartridge Grip (with 3 needle bar plungers)
  • 10 SF Premier Cartridge Needles
  • Economic Foot Switch Pedal
  • Clip Cord
  • 2 Bottles (1oz.) Tattoo Ink (color may vary)
  • Bag of Grommets
  • Bag of Standard Ink Cups/Caps
  • Synthetic Practice Skin (11.5" x 7.75")
  • Pack of Lap Cloths/Dental Bibs
  • Bag of Rubber Bands
  • Pack of Spirit Transfer Paper

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