Tattoo Artist Bundle - The Essentials Package

Tattoo Artist Bundle - The Essentials Package


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Everything you need to quickly set up and start tattooing. An all-in-one basic package, the Essentials Kit offers both apprentices and experienced artists an convenient solution to premium tools and products right out of the box.

Retail Price: $290

Bundle Price: $185

Package Includes
  • Silverfox SF-2 Tattoo Pen Machine
  • RCA Battery Pack (with 7+ hours of battery life)
  • RCA Connection Cable
  • 3 Boxes of SF Premier Cartridge Needles (60 needles total) 
  • Amazing Colors Black Ink (8oz.)
  • Amazing Colors 6-Color Sample Pack (includes: Amazing White, Ocean, Amazing Green, Amazing Yellow, Orange, and Bright Red)
  • Tatwax Soothing Balm (2-in-1: can be used as a glide and as an aftercare ointment)
  • Bag of Standard Ink Cups/Caps
  • Synthetic Practice Skin (11.5" x 7.75")
  • Pack of Spirit Classic Transfer Paper
  • Pack of Lap Cloths/Dental Bibs
  • Pack of Tattoo Pen Machine Covers
  • Sample Pack of Gorilla Nitrile Gloves


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